Meet The Team

                                                                    Kiran Gupta, Co-Founder

Kiran Gupta having 14+ years of experience in investments and Marketing.

Kiran Gupta is contributing to stockmonks in Marketing and corporate investments.

 Srinivasa Rao, Co-Founder

Y. Srinivasa Rao is working in various capacities at Technology Development center, STOCKMONKS. He received Master’s in Computer Science from Andhra University.

He is contributing to StockMonks in content development for our techniques and strategies.

Kalyani, Co-founder

Sudha Rani is working in various capacities at Technology Development centers, Hyderabad. She received her M-Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur.

She is contributing in Research of Trading techniques and methodologies in Stockmonks.

Narasimha, Co-Founder

He received his  M.Tech from premium IIT .

He is contributing to StockMonks in designing algorithms and business development.


CH S R K Prasad, Program Manager

Post-Graduated in Computers/Electronics/Business Analytics, he is the visionary behind ground breaking platform for innovations make them available to all public STOCKMONKS, had total 12+ years of experience in researchtrading, Risk management, High Frequency Algo development,Designing Computing Clusters, Icebergs,sniping Algorithms, Pair trades,arbitrage markets, and Derivatives,low latency,Routing of Algo’s with nearest neighbor, farthest neighbor, maximum likely hood arbitrage algo’s development, Super Computing Cluster and its functional implementation of software on Financials(CEP) , and creating all the force required to establish STOCKMONKS in the Financial market world. Personally he had INR 5 billion trades, with 20,000+ hours of trading and research in the Financial markets.

Prior to the he contributed MIC Electronics as ( Manager -Research & Development) played major roles in development of  National award products, for MIC Electronics Ltd for all Mumbai, Delhi MTNL 2G network access products in all exchanges and 3G  Network design & development.

He also contributed in MIC to become global leader in live display large LED screens and attain global rankings.Implementation of LED Display Screens and Telecom Access Products, In Cricket giant LED display screens viewer-ship of world cricket final 2012 has reached 2 billion people.