1)  We are the path to deploy 100 Tera Flops ( 100 Trillion Floating Point Computations per    Second) processing speed on Indian Stock Markets.

2) Sophisticated Strategy development cycle with 24 Phd’s in price and derivative movements.

3) Our Super computing platform has the capacity to serve 13 Crore messages per Sec,able to   deliver 5 lakh orders per second.


Highest Processing Power Chips on FPGA’s

 Our Project: 

1) Managing FOREX for Corporates, Managing Stocks for performance.

2) Platform access services for lease from the single super computer which provides stability and reliability and ease of access.

3) We design the best strategies from skilful 24 PhDs to generate better “Alfa(Profits)” in existing markets.

4) Our Project operates 24*7 to monitor complex events across the Globe.

5) Our Computing cluster monitored by the world’s top ranked financial trading / investment software.

6) Our trading cluster may be one the best available clusters available on financial markets in India.

7) Our Smart Order routing Systems are inherited from best possible execution style with low latency execution platform.

8) Transparent billing available for the client funds and profit/loss.

9) Our strategies to be backtested and take possession for production for 18 months.

10) Our Complex Event Processing platform coming to us with top 100 algorithms from MIT.

11) Integrating to all major exchanges NSE, MCX, USE in India.

12) Smart order routing systems automates execution venue, and methodology automatically.

13) Our Quant cloud on FOREX/ Options.